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Light Guard
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Hey Guardians!

Eldarya welcomes new players every day and we need your help!
We are looking for new moderators and it could be your chance to help keep the forum a clean,
positive place and to help it evolve!

If you like Eldarya and would like to be a part of our team, this opportunity is for you!

Link to external image

Here are the basics about the position:

A moderator is a player that the Eldarya team has chosen to help manage the forum.
They are volunteers that use their free time to help with the forum, game and its community.

We are currently looking for a moderator for the following sections in the forum:

☀ The Daily Oracle & The Game, Eldarya (1 moderator)
☀ Assistance & Suggestions Forum (Assistance and Tutorials) (1 moderator)
☀ The Tavern Counter & Introductions (1 moderator)
☀ The Tales of El & Tales of the Otherworld (1 moderator)
☀ Art Gallery & Contest Hall & Games of El (1 moderator)

Each forum/section will receive ONE moderator that will help to keep their forum/section clean, clear, fun and positive!

A moderator can:

Help players
Answer questions
Create discussions
Close/delete posts
Check for multiple accounts
Warn/ban players (the latter with the accord of the game administrators)

If you would like to become a moderator, here are the conditions:

You must be over 18 (/!\ legal proof of age will be requested, if you don’t want to share this information, please do not apply.)
You must know the game very well and be present on it often
You must know and respect the rules of the forum and the game
You must have a strong understanding and command of the English language
And, of course, you must be motivated and ready to help all the other players and work with the other moderators as a team!

If you want to apply to become a moderator:

1. Reply to this post and explain why we should hire you. 
☀ Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.)
If so, please let us know your player names.
If you are uncomfortable posting this information for any reason, simply PM this info to 2 Temp Mods and put who you sent the info to here
☀ Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?
You will be handling confidential information if you are selected, and will lose all privileges if any information is leaked from any accounts that might be tied to you.
☀ Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.

2) If you meet the criteria and are selected, you will be contacted by Personal Message.

Note: Being a good moderator is voluntary work and takes lots of time. You are expected to be active on the forums.
You won't get gifts or bonuses. If you are not ready to commit yourself, don't apply!

Thanks and see you soon on Eldarya!

/!\Attention: any posts that are not 'applications' for the position will be deleted.
Also, do not contact mods or admins by personal messages about this position.


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Shadow Guard
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Why you should hire me:
Hello! I'm PrincessRain, here to give you a few reasons as to why I'd like to be considered as a moderator for Eldarya ^^

I'm a very active player on this server, and don't plan on stopping anytime soon! I liked this game when it came out, and loved it the more I played, and became invested in the story and the characters. Most importantly, I love the forums which have given me such fun times with great people as well as brought life to the site. I want to continue the work of the current Temp Mods and to ensure that the forums are a place that all players feel accepted, safe, and happy to be a part of.

As a moderator, my aim is to uphold the decisions of Beemoov and the admins. I've had real-life experience with leadership and believe I can bring it to an online medium. I've long learned to juggle my responsibilities and strive to do my absolute best in whatever challenges or tasks I decide to take up. I'm also studying an education degree that will continue to provide me with these qualities, and I hope to use them to benefit the company and the players. I respect those I interact with on the forums, and will continue to respect them in my posts both as a player and as a moderator.

And - what I think is most important that I slightly touched on earlier - I love this site, and am on it every single day. I think it's incredibly important to love what you do, and I wouldn't be applying for a position if I didn't see myself enjoying who I'm working/volunteering for. Because of this, I know that I can provide the loyalty that comes with being a moderator, a player, and advocator of this site.

Other questions:
☀ Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.) If so, please let us know your player names.
I have a My Candy Love account that I log onto daily - username is PrincessRainbow, and was created in 2012.

I'm also anticipating Henri's Secret where the username should be the same as here ^^

☀ Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?
I have a private YouTube account reserved for university tasks that require videos/recording, a public YouTube account saved for subscriptions and a private Facebook & Instagram account. My Tumblr and Twitter accounts are public, but rarely used.

☀ Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.
I don't have a preference, I'm happy with any section that help and assistance is needed in however, in terms of frequency I do tend to stick close to the Games of El and The Game Eldarya sections.

I'd be honoured to join the team at Beemoov and will do my best to uphold the rules and regulations of the forum while ensuring it is a safe and happy place for all players to enjoy! Thank you for considering this application! ^^

EDIT: Added another Beemoov game (since I wasn't sure) and edited the sections I am most seen in. Hope that is okay ^^

Link to external image

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Young Recruit
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Why You Should Hire Me: I am dedicated on making the game and community as much fun as it was for me in My Candy Love. The moderators were a big part of the forums and I dearly looked up to most of them, I was always happy to log into the forums every day. I will prove to you that I will become a moderator who cares for her fellow players, make sure the rules have been followed, and make sure that everyone is comfortable everyday. Overall, the reason why you should accept me as part of the moderator team is because I have been prepared for this day for years, I have memorized all of the rules and know all the actions/episode plots, I'm also secretary in two of my college's clubs so since my semester is about to be over I will have enough experiences on this field, I swear to you with all that I am that every day will be nothing but my best. Beemoov has created so many games that have made me make new friends so I am forever grateful for the joy that Beemoov has given me, and in return I shall give my thanks by being a hardworking moderator you shall  see. Let me express my gratitude through actions.

☀ Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites?: Yes I shall list them all down here for you: My Candy Love userame ElleLawliet, SweetCrush username Elle, Eldarya Spanish Version username Eleanor, Eldarya Italian Version username Elleanor (inactive)

☀ Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?: I have a Twitter and Tumblr that I moderately use.

☀ Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.: Any section would be great although I am mostly active in The Game, Eldarya! and as well post often in the Introduction! and The Tavern Counter.

Thank you for your time reading my application and considering me to join the moderator team. I will be eager to hear from you. I also hope to the others who apply for this position that they make it. I hope for the very best for Eldarya.

Sincerely, Eleanor.

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Shadow Guard
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Why You Should Hire Me:
First of all, I am enjoying this game a lot. I am very determined on making community more fun and safe. I always liked making friends here, and I have always been a sweet talker. I also helped other players at will, and I know every rules. I am well prepared for being part of the moderation team and I hope you will take it well.

Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites?:
I have a My Candy Love and a Sweet Crush accounts, which are LadyNathalie and Nathalie, respectively.

Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?:
I have a Facebook and a Youtube account, the latter serves exclusively for subscription.

Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.:
I have a preference for The Game, Eldarya and The Games of El but anything else is also fine for me.

Thank you for reading my post and taking my consideration and I will happily work in the Light Guard.

Best regards,

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☀Why should you hire me:

Eldarya is a game I love and adore and reason why I am an active player in-game and on the forums. The forums have let me encounter new people and make friends in addition to being able to help those in need of help whether through the forums or by private messages.

The work put in by the Moderators towards the forums is the reason why they are welcoming and have a fun and a safe feel to them. I would love to continue the work achieved by the Moderators.

As a Moderator, you need to be responsible enough, I believe my real-life experiences would come in handy as during my college/equivalent to senior year of high school I have held responsibilities in the school and have been asked to do tasks by teachers to help them with their workload during the day when in independent classes. As prefects we were in charge of ensuring rules were respected and that we could provide our help to anyone within the building and outside the school.

These qualities I learnt during college would most likely be beneficial for the forums, as this would ensure the rules are respected and that the forum remains a welcoming and fun place for players.

In addition, being helpful is something I see in all moderators additionally to be welcoming and friendly. One of the things I love to do since my childhood is to help anyone I can with my knowledge and make them comfortable in asking their question or asking about their problem they are facing.

☀Beemoov accounts
I have a My Candy Love account which I only use on the odd occasion, the profile is linked below which was registered in 2012.
I also found out about the UK version, Sweetcrush a year later and registered there, which is also linked below.

MCL profile

Sweet crush Profile

International versions [/u]
I have a French account for my candy love and one for Eldarya.

Amoure Sucre profile I only log on to this one once in an occasion

FR Eldarya

☀Media accounts
I have a private Youtube account that I use and used for revision and watching shows and essentially music. A public tumblr account I visit on the odd occasion to check certain shows and fandoms I’ve followed though I only use it to post drawings/outfits for the fun of it and of course like and reblog.

A private Facebook which is only for friends and family. A private Twitter which I never use. I don’t know if this also counts, but an Instagram I only use to follow news on an upcoming show and to post drawings.

Tumblr account name-curemoonlight-xxleletsubasaxx

☀Preferred section
I do not have any preferred section and am perfectly fine with any of the sections as long as I can help anyone in the section.

However, I’m generally active in these sections: The Game Eldarya, Assistance/suggestions and The Games of El section. I do visit the other threads however not as much as the ones mentioned.

Thank you for your time and taking the time to read this application. I want to wish everyone applying good luck.

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Absynthe Guard
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>> Moderator

☀Why should you hire me?

☀ Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites?

☀ Do you have a social media account

☀ What section am I applying

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Absynthe Guard
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Why You Should Hire Me:
First of all, I really love this website and have come to understand how everything works pretty well. I had been eagerly waiting for this website to be translated from French, so I was definitely one of the people who did the early registration and I can say without a doubt that I wasn't disappointed after the couple months of waiting! So I think you should hire me because I have a true passion for this website, I'm on it as often as I possibly can, and I love to help others. I also have respect for other players and I think that it would be so much fun to be able to officially help the people who have just come to the website.

I am well versed when it comes to the technicalities of websites as well. I've been an admin on other lesser known forums (a lot of ProBoards) so I already know what it's like having a couple hundred people turning to me for help--however, this would probably be a little easier since it won't just be me and one other person, heh. Knowing that this is a volunteer position really doesn't make any difference to me, either. Whether it is a voluntary or paid position I'm going to take it very seriously!

Do You Have an Account on Other Beemoov Sites?
Yes, I do. EMGreen is my username. If you go onto my profile you can see that I've been registered with that website since mid-2012 but after the update and change in page layout, I've been a lot less active simply because the new layout doesn't work well with my laptop for some reason or another. I did also have a Cromimi account and I was absolutely devastated when that website was shut down.

Do You Have a Social Media Account?
The only social media account that I'm actually active on is my Facebook account, although it's used to interact with my family members who live far from me. I'm not too comfortable putting down my information for Facebook because it is set to privet and contains a lot of personal information. If needed I'd be happy to give that via privet messages. I also have a Twitter account but I don't go on it much; perhaps once every few months.

Section You Are Applying For:
I don't have any preferences in this area. They all seem to be wonderful sections! So if I'm chosen, I would be happy with any section that you feel like I'd be best suited for.

Thank you so very much for reading this and taking the time to consider me,


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Absynthe Guard
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Link to external image

Why You Should Hire Me

Since the beginning, I was fascinated by the beauty of Eldarya. Not only the art and the characters, but also the storyline behind Eldarya that led the creators to the beautiful name and all that we've seen from the world of Eldarya so far (i.e. the lore behind the different species of characters, the history of Eldarya, and the many tidbits of alchemy and missions that we've enjoyed). After being a member on MCL, I was really excited to get a fantasy website from Beemov, since I was already impressed with their work from MCL. I pre-registered, and since the first day that the website was available, I have been an active member of the community.

Having been here since the beginning, I consider myself a pioneer of sorts in both the game and the community that formed around it. This only deepens my connection to Eldarya and has led to my desire to become a moderator: because I want to help in developing and keeping active the community that has been built up (and hopefully will continue to grow) on Eldarya, and contribute towards a greater community in the future. As such, one of the things that I want to focus on the most is welcoming new members and contributing to forum activity. After all, the forums are a place to built up enthusiasm for the game, as well as discuss topics outside of Eldarya.

It's a safe and inclusive community that I would love to watch over and help stay in-touch with the rules set down by Beemov. These are rules that I am thoroughly familiar with, since they are very similar as those on MCL, which I have been following for years. The rules are what make the game safe, and that's the way I always felt by knowing that they were there. On the forums both on MCL and Eldarya, and I feel that they keep the liberty of the players on friendly terms rather than restrain anybody, and so I do want to keep them enforced among players.

As a moderator, apart from my being familiar with both the rules and the game, I also have a very strong command on the English language--I am currently taking English as one of my majors in post-secondary studies, and apart from which, I also won two English awards upon graduating from high school. As such, I try to make my explanations as simple and as easy to follow, even as a step-by-step process. Helping others is definitely a relevant part of being a mod, as I've noticed, and whether it's introducing a new player to the rules or reminding other members of the rules, I want to be able to do it in a clear and understanding way.

With regards to conflicts, I'm a pacifist, and prefer to keep things as friendly between players as possible. I realize that this isn't always possible, but, as such, I think it's a mod's duty to keep any conflicts away from the forums where other members could become innocent bystanders, and instead act as the mediator and middle voice between the conflicting parties--listening to each side with impartiality, and making a fair decision thereafter.

Of course, there are limitations to a moderator's judgement though, so the administrators are always those that I will report to as a mod, both in settling major conflicts or in other matters regarding forum rules or the game itself. As an associate at a summer job right now, I am very good at adapting to the regulations set by different supervisors, as well as carrying out instructions. In Eldarya, I intend to do the same, treating the volunteer position of a moderator as equivalent to my real-life job.

In the end, my intentions for Eldarya are to help encourage the growth and development of Eldarya as a community in the forums, and keep it peaceful. As a member who has been here since the beginning, is familiar with the rules, and is very active on the forums of this game, these are the reasons why I think that I should be hired as a moderator. Thank you very much for reading! ^_^
Other Beemov Accounts

I have an account on MCL under the username of SilentSoundX, which has been active since 2013. Here is the link to it below:

SilentSoundX (MCL Account)

Other Social Media Accounts

Apart from MCL and Eldarya, I have:

-- A Facebook account that I use only to keep in touch with university-related events and announcements.

-- A Twitter account that I once made and then never used thereafter.

-- A YouTube account on which I only watch videos and save them on playlists, but do not post any videos of my own.

Preferred Forum Sections

I would be fine with absolutely any forum section, but the two sections that I'm most interested in are:

--The Introduction Section - Because that's where all new members to either the game or the forum share some of their first posts, and so it's the best place and opportunity others get to make them feel welcome. I think that it's an essential section in helping the Eldarya community to grow: by encouraging an accepting and friendly atmosphere from the beginning.

-- The Tavern Counter - This is where a lot of great clubs with no ties to Eldarya material are made, so it is once again an inclusive community where people get to share their views. I would really like to make sure that all topics remain friendly and that all opinions can be both respected and shared creatively. It's fun to focus on topics outside of Eldarya, and I want to encourage more participation in that as well.

Again though, I am absolutely fine with any forum sections, since I pop in and out of most of them, so any section that's available is fine. ^^

*bows* Thank you very much for reading through this application, and thank you for your consideration overall on the position of new mods. Good luck and the best of congratulations to everyone who makes it! <3



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Absynthe Guard
Just Arrived
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Why you should hire me:
Hi!! My name is Amaranthis, and I'd love to volunteer my services to Eldarya ❤️

Though relatively new to the Eldaryan world, it's definitely something I've come to fall in love with! I am highly active, even when classes start up (I attend a University). I am an avid My Candy Love player and came here from there. The forums were my favorite part of MCL and I can tell that the forums here are just as welcoming and fun.

In terms of technical reasons, I've got a lot of experience in communication moderation due to my current job in telecommunications, as well as running social media accounts for my mother's business. As for personal reasons, I absolutely LOVE seeing different personalities, especially through online text. Moderating a forum would be right up my alley!

Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.) If so, please let us know your player names.
I am on My Candy Love as mentioned before (5 years strong!) my username is Amaranthis. I also signed up for Henri's Secret...though I can't recall the nickname I used. It is most likely Amaranthis as well. I had one for Cromimi, but sadly that site has left.

Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?
I have a private YouTube. I have an Instagram  and a Facebook. I have a twitter that I rarely use and a Tumblr that I don't use at all. I also have a Snapchat and Pinterest, both of which I am very active on. I'm not too comfortable posting my usernames on these websites/applications, but am gladly willing to provide via message if needed!

Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.
I would like to apply for the Art Gallery! I'm not sure if the list you provided meant I'd be applying for the Contest Hall and Games of El as well, but I don't mind if that is the case! I would LOVE to work in the Contest Hall as well! As an artist, the art gallery board is my favorite though. I love looking at player's art and learning from them. I'm good at making sure critique is constructive, and will gladly remove non-constructive critique that is just downright hurtful.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and I will honor rules and regulations during my time with Beemoov and make the forums super fun for everyone!

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#10 05/16/2017 at 01:33

Absynthe Guard
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Why you should hire me...
I have been active across all beemoov games and I try to keep up with all aspects of Eldarya (and MCL). I signed up during pre-registration and, although I have not posted much on the forums, I am constantly reading and checking in whenever there are new posts.

As for me in real life, my first language is English, although I have studied other languages to receive my degree in Humanities. I will be receiving an additional degree in Behavioral Sciences next spring. I try to type professionally as I am not much of a fan of slang or internet terms. Since I have a few resource sites, I am quite active online. My resource sites have more tutorials than anything else, so I try to be helpful and give easy explanations. I am always willing to help those struggling and I am very patient.

I do genuinely enjoy Eldarya and My Candy Love. I make sure to complete each new episode as soon as it comes out.

☀ Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.)
On MCL: elohveeey. Ma Bimbo English: elohveeey. Henri's Secret: elohveeey.

☀ Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?
I have a youtube and two tumblr accounts:
tumblr (personal), tumblr (resource) and youtube. I also have an instagram, but I'm not very active on it.

You will be handling confidential information if you are selected, and will lose all privileges if any information is leaked from any accounts that might be tied to you.
☀ Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.
I do not necessarily have a preference, any section would be fine.

Thank you for your consideration,
elohveeey (my name is Jessica)

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Obsidian Guard
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Hi Eldarya Team! Here is the information i would like to share to become a moderator and help Eldaya to be more fun and joyful for all players

Why should you hire me?

Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites?

Do you have a social media account?

what section you are applying for if you have a preference?

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Shadow Guard
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~Why you should hire me~

>>I have been an active member of the Beemoov community for the last five years, having joined MCL and posted on the forums there since 2012.

>>I am well aware of the site rules and guidelines and am present on the forum multiple times a day.

>>I meet all the required conditions and in addition to those I believe that I’m responsible, patient and capable of handling any questions or conflicts that may come my way.

The forums have always been my favorite aspect of Beemoov’s games, the community is often the best part of any game and I’m committed to making the forums as enjoyable and welcoming as I can.

~Other Beemoov Accounts~

Oh geeze, there are so many...

My Candy Love
Sweet Crush
Amoure Sucre
Sladkii Fliirt
Corazon de Melon
English Eldarya
French Eldarya

I’m Vyxen on all of these, save Amoure Sucre where I am Vyxian, though out of the bunch I am only active on My Candy Love and the English Eldarya.

~Media Accounts~

I’m active on Tumblr where I have a private account and a MCL/Eldarya account, I have no social media accounts beyond these.


On my Beemoov-centered account I mostly post outfits and reblog outfits/fanworks.

~Preferred Section~

Tales of El and Tales of the Otherworld
The Daily Oracle and The Game

One of these two would be my preference, though I will do my best in whatever forum I’m assigned to.


#13 05/16/2017 at 13:32

Absynthe Guard
Guard in Training
Posts: 188

Why you should hire me

I really love that game and I'm almost always connected. I don't post a lot on the forum but I read a few topics. I also know how to use BBCode on the forum.
I think being a mod will be a great experience for me. I like working in a team and I'm a patient and helpfull person.
I'm living in France so I can help the European players.

Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites ?

I'm on the French servers of :
Amour Sucré
Ma Bimbo
I did
Henri's Secret's alpha and the beta of the new design of Amour Sucré

Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it ?

Private account on Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr
Public Page on Facebook where I post my art

Which section are you are applying for ?

Art Gallery or Assistance will be the best

Other information that might interest you

Thank you for reading this application, and good luck with your mod research

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Absynthe Guard
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#15 05/16/2017 at 22:18

Shadow Guard
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You should hire me because I love working with other people and reading what they say online an  I also ill  reading the story's on Mcl and Eldarya. I com  on Eldarya almost every day or two and I'm always updated of what's going on like New episodes are coming up   videos has been released and ect. So if this long enough and good enough for th  job I'm happy I'll be working with guys and the Beemoov company.My account names on Mcl is Shaaea and I have Instgram, snapchat, Google account. /static/img/forum/smilies/big_smile.png


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#16 05/17/2017 at 15:04

Soldier of the Guard
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Hello admins and temp mods! I’d like to submit an application.

Why You Should Hire Me[/u]
When I started this game back in October, I had no idea that I’d become as passionate about it, and moreover its community, as I am. I’ve met so many people here that I cherish. The friends and acquaintances I’ve made have inspired me to try and help the community in a more substantial way. I’d like to see it flourish and I feel that becoming a moderator would be an effective way to achieve that.

I value kindness and respect so I treat everyone I meet on the forums and otherwise with such. This does not however mean I will shy away from enforcing the rules. I will do everything in my power to keep the forums organized. I understand that this job will require much of my time, and I am willing to make sacrifices in order to complete my tasks.

My goal as a moderator would be to act as an approachable intermediary between administrators and players. I feel that is important for the mods to be welcoming and trustworthy. I want players to feel comfortable coming to their mods for assistance. I want the admins to be secure in knowing the mods will uphold the rules. If chosen, I along with the rest of the mod team will work to be a source of authority that can be trusted by player and administrator alike.

Other Beemoov Accounts[/u]
I recently created an account for Like a Fashionista under the name Shrike. I also have a Sweet Crush account made sometime earlier this year that I’m in the process of shutting down. (I don’t remember the account name, email, or password I used. I’m working on it.) I intend to play Henri’s Secret when it is released, also with the name zumiineverwins.

Social Media Accounts[/u]
My only semi-active social media account is my tumblr, I have a Google account, and therefore a YouTube account but I never use YouTube logged in. I do not have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram at this time.

Preferred Section[/u]
I have no preference for any section.  I keep myself updated with the goings-on in all the sections so I’d be willing and able to help wherever the admins see fit.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my application. Have a lovely week and happy mod search!
zumiineverwins <3


#17 05/17/2017 at 17:35

Just Arrived
Posts: 7

First off,Hello! My name is GemmaRae and I am honored to be applying for a moderator job.

Why You Should Hire Me
Why should I be hired,that is a good question so I will give it my best to answer.Well I love this site first and foremost,it has given me a knew lease on life,to always do your best and expect the unexpected as my character does for the most part on here.I enjoy making new friends and this site has given me the opportunity to connect with other on and offline.

There is not one day that goes by that I am not on this site or connecting sites,will get to that later.I enjoy coming on here and seeing what is new,a new episode,new games and new events pertaining to holidays.I could go on and on,ramble but I will cut to the chase and just say how awesome this site is.When I first started back in the first days of the sites English birth,I was blown away by all of the new and exciting adventures I would encounter on this site.

Oh,one last tid bit before I go on,being a moderator on here would be such an honor,to help and improve the game and give others advice is a great thing to do as I already do that now,doing this would be a bonus,level up if I may say.

Other Beemoov Accounts

My other Beemoov accounts include,MCL-Enyoanna,started back on March 29th 2012,Like a Fashionista-AzulaTokyo23,started back on October 18 2015. And I have also pre-registered for Henri's Secret,still thinking of user name.

Social Media Accounts

My Media accounts include a Facebook and Instagram profile,I am pretty active more so on Instagram as I love seeing new and different things that others are seeing.

Preferred Section

I do not really have a specific area that I would like to be in,I am pretty flexible with most and I learn quickly when I am given a new task but if I had to pick one or two I would like, Art Gallery & Contest Hall & Games of El,or The Tales of El & Tales of the Otherworld. They both seemed to jump out at me.

Other Information

I just wanted to mention as well that I was a beta tester for MCL's new design release,I enjoyed that very much,giving feed back and positive text.

I thank you once again for this great opportunity to possibly be a mod,if I am chosen I will do my utmost best to my ability to help and do as needed.



#18 05/17/2017 at 19:20

Young Recruit
Posts: 15

-Why I should be hired:
Working with the other players and improving the site would be a wonderful job.Of course, it will be hard sometimes but I expect it to be from time to time.I would be careful furthermore read thoroughly to ensure that the job is done right each day.
Since I joined I come to play daily, truly an addictive game.A few day's a week I tend to read updates or what is new.
with My candy love username:cgx3, since 2/24/14.
-Social media platform:
currently more active in Tumblr                           
-The section's applying for:
Art Gallery & Contest Hall & Games of El
The Daily Oracle & The Game, Eldarya


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#19 05/18/2017 at 03:09

Shadow Guard
Sylph Sidekick
Posts: 986

Why you should hire me[/b][/u]
My main motivation to apply for a moderating position is to ensure the forums stay a safe, happy, and positive place for all players. Over the course of my time on Eldarya, I’ve made countless friends and memories, and I’d like to play a part in helping others make friends and memories as well. I’m certainly ready to commit myself to reach this goal and to continue the brilliant job that our temporary mods have done by upholding the rules, guiding, and assisting players both new and old to ensure they have a wonderful time. I would also like to give back to Beemoov by volunteering my time for them, as it would be the least I could do to thank them for the hard work they’ve put in for us.

I’m quite an active member of the forums, and I tend to spend late nights studying. I’m a full-time student, but I also make time to check in on the forums several times a day. I’m in North America (UTC-07:00), so if players from other timezones require help while other mods from NA may be asleep, I will likely be awake and online.

As stated before, I am a full-time student, so there may be a span of 2-3 weeks every few months where I am unable to log in as frequently as I’d like due to final exams, though I’ll do my best to log in at least three times a week during these times. If it’s of any reassurance, I will give prior notice before my exams (or any other circumstances that may arise and hinder my ability to be online) as soon as possible to alert the moderating team so any potential problems could be fixed in advance.

Additionally, I have multiple other skills that may be an asset to the moderating team. I speak and read fluent English and proficient Japanese, and can assist any players may that wish to converse in Japanese, which is a possible occurrence due to Eldarya becoming quite a popular otome game. I also have experience in French and Chinese, though admittedly they’re quite rusty. Furthermore, I have years of experience in application (specializing in game) programming, and could act as a “tech support” of sorts for players who are having problems regarding the game. I also have extensive experience in graphics, BBCode, and design, and could assist in making aesthetically pleasing posts ( ´ ▽ ` )

As an immunology student, patient confidentiality is absolutely vital, and so confidentiality in the workplace will be a part of my daily life and is incredibly important to me. This is a crucial trait a moderator requires, and it will transfer to my moderating duties. Information shared with me will stay only with me, and will not be shown to anyone, nor documented anywhere.

Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.) If so, please let us know your player names.[/b][/u]
I have an account on MCL from 2012 under the name Caelestial, though I didn’t play much back then (interestingly, how I found Eldarya was because I was looking to play MCL again, but came across Eldarya by chance so I signed up here to have a go instead). I’m still looking to start playing again, which will likely happen this summer. I am also expecting to play Henri's Secret, my username will be TBD.

***Edit*** I remade my MCL, my new username there is Gamecrashed!

Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?[/b][/u]
I have a Tumblr that is basically empty save for a reblog or two as I only use it for theme coding purposes or liking art. I have a slightly more active sideblog, however that is also mostly for coding and only has a handful of reblogs as well.
My personal accounts include a Facebook that is used for university purposes, an Instagram for keeping in touch with friends, and a YouTube for saving playlists. I do not post on Facebook or Instagram very often, and I do not post on YouTube at all. Both my Facebook and Instagram are strictly for “real life” only. Overall, I have a very small social networking footprint.

Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.[/b]
Given the choice, I mostly frequent Introductions and the Tavern Counter, however I tend to visit the Art Gallery, Contest Hall and Games of El frequently as well (though honestly I lurk Art Gallery and Contest Hall more than I post). As an aside, I could also assist the moderator of Assistance due to my background in computer sciences. If selected, I will do my best in any section that you believe I could help to the best of my ability.

Thank you for your consideration, and I wish everyone the best of luck. I'm excited to see the new moderators!

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#20 07/06/2017 at 06:23

Obsidian Guard
Posts: 804

☀ Why you should hire me:

I was already a moderator in finnish server, first in My Candy Love (only in finnish, though) and then Eldarya, so I have a pretty good understanding how this work. Also, my english is average, so I'm able to communicate with others, and if there is finnish and swedish players, I can also help them with their own language. Mermy should have a copy of my passport that proves that I'm over 18. I know this game quite well, and if not, I'm always willing to find out and learn more. I truly like this game and I'm here almost every day. I can be polite and friendly, but also strict if needed. Right now I'm on holiday, so I have also time.

☀ Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.)

Yes, I play My Candy Love in british server with the same name, and also just started Henry's secret.

☀ Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.)

Right now I don't have anything but Facebook, and I'm rarely there too. But I can keep information, it's part of may regular job anyway, so in real life or internet, I can keep delicate and confidental information to myself.

☀ Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference.

Anything goes, but I think that I would prefer The Tales of El & Tales of the Otherworld or Art Gallery & Contest Hall & Games of El.

I'm grim, full of gloom in my dim gothic tomb.


#21 07/29/2017 at 14:44

Shadow Guard
The Answer to Everything
Posts: 1 333

Why you should hire me:[/i]
I am an active player and I love the potential of this game. In fact, the forums are a large part of the reason why I continue to come to this site. People sharing ideas and creating a community like they have here makes me feel valued as a player and I would like to extend that to others as well.
Even though I don’t get to reply to every post or thread, I do keep up with most of what is happening in The Game and The Tales. I also try and step in and help where I can now; and as a mod, I would not hesitate to reach out to players who were struggling.

Other Beemoov site accounts:[/i]
MCL - Imogennn (don’t think I’ve ever posted on the forums and I only am active during events)
Eldarya ES - Adelinetta (again, no posting and not a lot of activity)

Social media accounts:[/i]
I have a few personal ones, but the only site that would be relevant is my Eldarya-specific tumblr ( The others are just personal accounts that I don’t give out. I understand that I will handle confidential information and would never use any platforms to leak it.

Sections I’m applying for:[/i]
- The Tales of El & Tales of the Otherworld
- The Daily Oracle & The Game, Eldarya

Like others, I would take on another thread if that was what the admin wanted, but The Tales and The Game are where I am most active currently.

Thank you for the consideration!


#22 12/08/2017 at 01:32

Absynthe Guard
Soldier of the Guard
Posts: 475

Alright, I'm caffeinated up, hyper as I can be and I'm fairly bored at the moment lets see how extra this application can get.
Hi! My name is Simca and I would love to join the moderator team here on Eldarya! I feel like I would be a great fit here on this site, I am reliable, resourceful, experienced in running a Beemoov forum and I'm an all-around good person *laughs pompously but is bricked* Anywho~ *ahem* below I have listed why I am the right pick for Eldarya, I welcome you to read it, and yeah!

♡~Simca's Moderation Application~♡

Welp! My caffine high has finally gone down so that's all I got for you guys XD Thanks so much to bearing with my random humor and I do hope to meet you all again as a light guard member once when the decisions are made~♡ I wish the best of luck to everyone applying, and I hope you all have a lovely day!

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#23 12/12/2017 at 13:28

Vanquished the Carcolh
Posts: 9 238

Why You Should Hire Me:

I`m very active here and I love anything fantasy-related, that`s why I firstly joined this. This game have so much potential to my mind and I like to be inventing this game more and more~ I spend here more time~ Firstly I joined Finnish My Candy Love, the I saw this and I was like WOW, this is my type game~ I`m pretty ambitious

Do You Have Any Social Media Accounts?

Yes I do and pretty much~

What Other Social Media Accounts You Have

Sweet Crush: There I will be found name Medorzinex

My Candy Love: Lysendria is my account there, it was moved Finnish server, almost 4 years

Those 2 have little left me cause I spend more and more time here

Devinantart: There you found me same username

Facebook: Using pretty regulary

Section I Want:

The Games Of El Or Tales Of Otherworld and I like very much make Roleplay section too or I want to create some of these finnish section

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Non-gender, don't use her pronounce, thanks

My DAY/NIGHT game needs sorely persons to join


#24 02/08/2018 at 16:02

Shadow Guard
Guard Patrol
Posts: 5 979

I have done some thinking, and I have decided to reinstate my mod application.

Why You Should Hire Me.

I am a very active player on Eldarya and its forums. I am online most days of the week, and I am prepared to post a schedule if need be. I am a dedicated person in everything that I do, and that includes being a member of the forums. I help moderate the Shadow Guard thread, so I am well aware of how the forum works.

I also have experience leading an organization. When I was in high school, I had the opportunity of being president of my robotics team. This role included responsibilities such as finding sponsors for the team, standing in front of large crowds to make presentations, keeping the members aligned during meeting, etc. So I know what I am dealing with, and I don't take sides during conflict; I rather solve the conflict and calm the people down.

I am sure you have seen me throughout the forum trying to solve conflicts I have found when there are no moderators online. I dislike conflicts, but I am not afraid to step in and calm players down.

Do I have any other Beemoov accounts?
As of right now (8th of February 2018), I do not. I had a My Candy Love account, but I have deleted it because I couldn't get into the storyline.

I have no other accounts.

Do you have any social media accounts?
I have a Facebook and a Tumblr account. I am willing to provide you information on those through PMs if need be.

Include the section you are applying for.
I would like to apply for the The Daily Oracle & The Game, Eldarya, the Assistance & Suggestions Forum, the The Tavern Counter & Introductions, and the Art Gallery & Contest Hall & Games of El sections.

Thank you for reading this, and have a great day!

Edit: I just changed the areas I am applying for. I added some for variety, because I am very flexible where I can be assigned if you choose me.

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#25 02/11/2018 at 14:34

Shadow Guard
Lieutenant of the Guard
Posts: 10 358

Link to external image

✵ Why should you hire me?✵

I would like to mention in the first place that I am pretty active on the forum and I intend to remain this way. I liked this game from the beginning and it will be my pleasure to have this opportunity of improving it and working as a moderator. My account has been created last summer and I had the chance to meet awesome people (this is one of the reasons I remained on this version of the game) and also I enjoy the forum and the forum’s games. On the other hand, I would also like to say that I have experience with team working, leadership and, regarding my studies, I can mention that I love to create, to design and everything that involves art and decorations I tend to improve. I prefer if everything around me has a specific aesthetic. I want to work alongside the other mods in order to make forums look and be well, and it would be awesome to make sure that they remain secure, funny, awesome and friendly places for everyone to enjoy and feel good! Regarding other issues or decisions while creating events or other stuff, it would be my pleasure to give advices especially based on their look.

✵Do you have an account on other Beemoov sites? (MCL, Ma Bimbo, etc.)✵

Yes, I do have a MCL account (I came from the romanian Sweet Flirt and moved on MCL when it was closed) and my name is DraliDia and I also have an account (that is not being used, only when there are events maybe) on France version: ClariaLaana. I have an account on Henri’s Secret and my name is VampireLady. And I have to mention that I own one account on italian Eldarya version and I use the same name above : VampireLady.

✵Do you have a social media account (public Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) and do you regularly use it?✵

Yes, I have tumblr, I stopped posting for some time, but I am pretty active (for more info, I have stories and described moments there). I also have a twitter account, but I’m not that active there. My youtube account is private (I use it only for watching and listening different stuff) and I also own accounts on Facebook, Instagram, my insta is public and both of them are regurarly used by me.

✵Include the section you are applying for if you have a preference✵

I would like to apply for The Games of El especially, but I am happy with anything else.

Thank you for considering this application and it would be my pleasure to join the moderator team!



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