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Journal entry chronicling your tenth adventure in Eldarya.*


C H A P T E R   I   -   Ashes and trouble
C H A P T E R II   - The warrior’s return


During this episode, you can unlock 3 illustrations in different parts. They aren’t mandatory.

Previous journal entry:

Little Mery finally found, you just went through your first arms training thanks to Jamon.
The disappearance problem was finally resolved.
A search around the forest was organized to find out the cause.
You come across a Hamadryad that turned out to be a murderer and
the one responsible for all of the disappearances.
The Guard then decided to eliminate her.
Your first experience in the face of death...


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Ashes and trouble

Join the boys to have a drink.

Find the boys.
Go to the kitchen to make your choice.

You leave your room and come across Chrome who came to see you.
He wants you to start from scratch and apologize for being so disdainful.
You go to the Dining Hall to have a drink with the boys.
But once you get there, you don’t see anyone.
You decide to go to where you think their rooms are.
Then, faced with their absence,
you return to the Dining Hall where the boys
make fun of you by making you believe that you have powers...
The evening finally follows its course, you drink a few glasses,
you talk with the boys and in turn learn a little more about them.

Walk around H.Q., in order to get some fresh air.

Go back to your room.

After the crazy evening, it’s finally time to get back to your bed.
A good night's sleep awaits and the sun is already on the horizon.
Stroll through H.Q., you can cross paths with Nevra, Valkyon,
Ezarel or Cryllis.

Try to find out where Nevra and Valkyon are.

Find something to do since you're dying of boredom.

A few days have passed since the death of the hamadryad and the boredom takes over.
The three boys are not to be found and you don’t know what to do with your day.
So you are surveying H.Q. in search of a mission.
You can cross paths with Mery who tells you to hate Cryllis,
who’s standing guard in front of the Grand Gate.

Ask Kero or Ykhar to give you something to do.

Bring the letter to Miiko.
Go back to your room again.
Go see Miiko to tell her you accept the mission.
Find someone to accompany you outside.
Find something to help you accomplish your mission in the cave.

To overcome the boredom, you decide to find Kero or Ykhar to ask them for a mission.
But the mission he / she assigns you does not please you...
It’s to clear the ashes of Yvoni, the hamadryad burned in the forest.
It's up to you whether you want to carry it out or not.
If so, Miiko will ask you to find a partner.
But you will have to find something to help you accomplish your mission,
a broomstick and a brush that you will find in the cave.

Pick up the ashes and get rid of the tree stump.

Go into the forest.
Go into the forest even if you're alone.

Meet up in the forest and sweep the creature's ashes.
On the way, you can cross paths with Cryllis.
While sweeping, you hear voices that remind you of the hamadryad
and the drama that ensued.
You continue to sweep but the voices persist and
under Chrome’s pressure, you finally discover that a person, Karenn,
was hiding in the bushes near you.

Take advantage of the walk back to talk a bit more with Karenn.

She slipped out of H.Q. at the same time you did, breaking the curfew.
On the way, you chitchat.
You tell her about your arrival in Eldarya and you learn a little more about her.

Go to the library to complete the mission report form.

Go give the "remains" to Miiko.

Once you’re in H.Q., you must go see Miiko and return the ash
remains and complete the mission report in the library.
You write your report and you can confess about Karenn's situation,
smuggled out of H.Q. during your own escapade.

Go back to your room to finish the day.

Take some time for yourself and talk to your comrades.

Now that your mission is complete, you can walk around H.Q. ..
You can run into Alajea who is outraged about the mission you’ve been entrusted with.
Or Kero or even Miiko, Chrome, Leiftan, Ewelein.
You finally meet Karenn who offers that you two go out for a girls day the next day.
Once you’ve crossed paths with all of these people, you can go back to your room and end your day.
During the night, you awaken with a start.
Completely disturbed by a frightful nightmare.


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The warrior’s return

Go to the beach.

Go in direction of the outside of H.Q.

The next day, Karenn comes to pick you up for your outing.
She’s accompanied by Alajea.
You decide, in spite of your protests and those of Alajea, to go to the beach.
While you have a good time eating, talking, you and Alajea decide to face your fears and go into the water.
But everything doesn’t go as planned and Alajea remains paralyzed in the water.
You and Karenn must help force her out of the water.
You decide to go back to H.Q. and take Alajea to the infirmary.

Go to sleep.

Hurry to the infirmary.
Go to your room.

Upon your return from the beach, you quickly go to the infirmary so that Alajea can be examined.
You leave her with Ewelein.
Karenn comes to see you in your room to give you an update on how Alajea is doing.
She is fine but her outbursts come from the guilt she feels about her past.
Karenn also tells you that she’s worried about the boys who haven’t yet returned from their mission.

Get some air to clear your head.

Bring the bag of cabbage to Purral.

Walk around H.Q. and complete a small mission given to you by Purral.
You can cross paths with Miiko, Leiftan, Chrome, Kero or Ewelein.

Go to the H.Q. gardens.

Now that he’s back, find him!

The boys are back.
Find one of the boys in the H.Q. gardens.

*It’s on that note that this journal entry ends.
See you next time in Episode 11!


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