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Technical team
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Here are a few precisions for players who used the market to exchange maanas for commissions.
To request that your account suspension be cancelled, please provide the following proofs:

Provide all the operations and total of maanas as well as proof of each, including:

>> Screenshot of the conversation
>> Visible usernames of the players
>> Value of the exchange
>> Screenshot of the artwork that was exchanged for maanas

Attention: If the number of exchanges is too high, the team reserves the right to maintain the account suspension, even if all the proofs are presented.

Note: If the provided proof is not identical to the game log, or it is incomplete, the team will not be able to treat your request.

Concerned players have until November 30, 23:59 PM EST to send your messages to the support team.
Any requests concerning the account suspensions that are sent after this date will not be treated.

/!\ Please be reminded that the payment using maanas for commissions is not allowed.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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