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#1 12/31/2019 at 05:06

Light Guard
Technical team
Technical team
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Hello Guardians!

2019 is coming to an end and will take with it certain game functions. Starting in January, there will no longer be Guard Rankings, and therefore no future objects of the month.

We apologize for this change and we understand that it will certainly disappoint many of you, so we would like to explain the reasons. The objects of the month, in addition to generating technical problems and conflicts between Guards, take up a lot of the Light Guard’s time. This slows down the development of new game functions.

That being said, your exclusive objects of the Guard will remain in your inventory.

But don’t worry, 2020 is promised to be full of surprises!
The Light Guard doesn’t want to reveal too much, but we have managed to squeeze out some information regarding your Guardian’s wardrobe: it will be completely renovated during 2020.

We’ll find you again soon for more information about that subject!

Have a great day on Eldarya!


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