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#1 07/09/2021 at 05:30

Light Guard
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Hello Guardians!

The Music Day event began a few days ago with some voice fragments that were hidden a bit too well… We have made a few adjustments to allow you to enjoy the event as best as possible:

* The voice fragments have changed places so you can find them easier!

* If you acquired the Musical Pack, the Legendary outfit as well as the Maanas and GC should now be available on your account. The problems concerning the unreceived Maanas and GC have also been resolved!

* The Music Paper outfit is available in exploration and the Melomantha companion is back at Purreru’s.

* Concerning the community meter, many of you weren’t able to participate at the start of the event: the meter is therefore being filled slowly. We are however watching its progression and will give it a little boost if necessary.

The antique mermaid made more of a mess than the Light Guard thought… that’s why the Music Day event will not end Thursday, July 15, but Sunday, July 18! Three days have been added to the event to allow you to collect all the voice fragments scattered around the city.

Thank you for your patience and understanding: we are taking into account the feedback concerning the other blocking issues to improve our future events.

Have a lovely day on Eldarya!


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