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Hello Guardians,

It seems as though the elf queen brought a bit of chaos along with her when she left the depths of the forest
The Light Guard would like to apologize for the delay and the inconveniences.

Everything is back in order now.
The recharge pack is now available and accessible to everyone until September 7, 2022.
If you have already completed your recharge but you didn’t receive all your rewards, please contact our support team.

The Forgotten Elf Queen outfit was originally created with one single color variation.
To thank the community for your patience and understanding, we’ve put Purriry to work to create additional color variations for this outfit. They will be available in the shop as soon as she’s completed her work.

The Forgotten Elf Queen outfit color variations will be available in the shop, without a time limit, for the guardians who purchased the original recharge pack.

Have a nice day on Eldarya!


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