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Hello Guardians!

We would first like to reassure you and say that there are no bugs or problems with the ranking system.

In order for all of you to have a better understanding of the ranking system,
we have provided a brief overview of how it works.

*The rankings should be at 0 for the beginning of the month, for roughly 7 days of the month.

This was decided so that the scores would be balanced in the rankings  and to avoid 7 days where it is empty at the beginning of the month.

*How does the balancing of the ranking points work?

From the first to the 7th day of the month, we are unaware of who will be active at the end of the month.
So we start with the average player's scores that gave their guard at least one point.
The closer we get to the end of the month, the more the active players score counts and the less the score of the "at least 1 point" is taken into account.

*The score is therefore not exact for part of the month, but is an approximation, that is as fair as possible. It is based on the fact that the more we progress in the month,
the more players have filled the criteria, so the score of active players becomes more and more "fair".

At the end of the month, we know exactly who is active, who counts in the ranking and who can receive the monthly reward.

We hope you will have a better understanding of the system now!

The Eldarya Team


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