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[GAME] How can I change my character’s face on my illustrations?

You may have noticed that the character in your illustrations doesn’t look at all like your character.

This isn’t a bug^^

On Eldarya, the illustrations cannot be personalized according to your character looks in the game. It’s normal that your character’s hair in the illustration will be light brown and her eyes violet during the whole adventure!

There is a difference to be made between your character’s avatar (present in the forum) and the guardian you play during the episodes.

How can I gain Maanas?

The site offers you 50 Maanas every day you log in. After this, there are several ways to gain Maana to advance through the game.

You can gain additional Maana by playing the following mini-games:

- Gem’Bomb

- Bubbl’Temple

- Egg’Pick

- Egg’Bomb

(A new round is available every 6 hours.)

For each of these quests, you can collect a maximum of 10 Maanas per round.

- The Bank (Possible winnings: as much as you would like^^)

/!\ Individuals under the age of 18 must obtain authorization from their parent or legal guardian to use the Bank on Eldarya. /!\

How to win Gold Coins?
Link to external image

Gold Coins (GC) are a game currency option and can only be obtained by purchasing them via the bank.

> Click here to access the bank<

/!\ Individuals under the age of 18 must obtain authorization from their parent or legal guardian to use the Bank on Eldarya. /!\

How can I feed my Companion?

On your Companion page, you can feed your Companion by clicking the “Feed” button.

A pop-up will appear indicating the number of food items you have in your Inventory Stock, and the quantity available in your Companion Stock (available for your Companion).

To fill your Companion’s stock, select the quantity that you wish to give it by sliding the selector left and right, then click “Feed”.

If you put your Companion back in its egg, the food in the Companion Stock will return to your Inventory Stock (if this transfer doesn’t put your Inventory Stock over the limit.)

What happens if I put my Companion back in its egg?

Putting your Companion back in its egg is not like a reset.

Your Companion will keep its evolution, so you won’t have to evolve it again.

Its luck level doesn’t change either. However, its affection level goes back to 20% no matter the original level of affection.

The food available in the “Companion Stock” will be transferred back to your “Inventory Stock” (if it doesn’t go over the limit), and can be used for another Companion of the same species.

I’m experiencing display issues in the game (Mini-games, Episodes, etc.). What should I do?

If you are experiencing display issues in the game (mini-games not working, dialogues/characters not displaying in the episodes, etc.), know that these issues, for the most part, most likely are caused by your computer/navigator and not the game itself.

Think to complete the following actions before contacting the support team about a problem in the game..

- Clear your cache

- Clear you cookies

- Deactivate any ad-blockers on your navigator

- Check that your navigator is up to date

/!\ If you are playing on your mobile device, please read this topic in the FAQ. /!\

How do I access my inventory?

To access your inventory, click on your avatar image (top right of page).

This will bring you to your profile page. Here you can position your Guardian and your Companion as you like.

Below the scene you will see several buttons.

Click the View My Inventory[/u] button to access your inventory.

Link to external image

Link to external image

Why can’t I start the following episode?

If you just finished your episode and you cannot access the following episode, it is because you haven’t met all the requirements.

When a condition isn’t met it will appear in light blue and the ”Start Episode”[/b] button will be grey.

Most of the time the needed requirements are about your level.

To find out how to increase your level in the game, head to this topic.

How can I change my guard?

For now, this option is not available, even if you complete a story replay.

[Market] Why don’t certain items have an “Immediate Purchase Price”?

A starting price must be chosen for auctions and an immediate purchase price allows players to purchase an item directly without having an auction.

The immediate purchase price disappears once a player places a bid on an item.

This happens so that the auction can be completed normally.

[Episodes] How do I get out of the prison cell?

On Eldarya, certain decors/backgrounds are larger than others.

To discover the different areas you can move to, you may have to slide the image from side to side. To do this, pass your cursor on the edges of the decor.

If the decor doesn’t slide when you complete this action, please think to clear your cache and cookies. More info > HERE <