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What are Maanas and Gold Coins?
Maanas are the principle currency on Eldarya:

• They allow you to move about in episodes. Each move costs 10 Maanas.

• They allow you to purchase items in the shops and at the market.


Gold Coins are the secondary currency on Eldarya. They allow you to add time to your adventure or to enjoy bonuses, such as:

• Instantly complete explorations with your companion.

• Buy certain companions and outfits.

• Buy the object of the month if you are not eligible.

• Buy Experience Potions.

Most items in the shops can be bought using either Gold Coins or Maanas.

How do I earn Maanas and Gold Coins?
You earn 50 Maanas each day with your first log in of the day.

If you do not log in one day, you do not receive your daily Maanas. You cannot receive the retroactively! (If you log in after 3 days without logging in, you only earn 50 daily Maanas. You do not earn 150 Maanas for the 3 previous days that you did not log in.)

To earn extra Maanas, you have two options:

• The Mini-Games (Gem’bomb, Bubbl’temple, Egg’pick) allow you to earn up to 10 Maanas per session, every 6 hours.

• The Bank allows you to purchase Maanas if you wish!


Gold Coins are primarily earned by purchasing them at the Bank.

However, it is also possible to earn Gold Coins in the Mini-Game Purro’Swap.