Discover the magical world of Eldarya!

Get to know the inhabitants and Companions of Eldarya. Experience your own adventure and romance in this magical world, where the story and your relationships depend on the choices you make.


How do I move to the next level?
To pass to the next level, you must simply gain experience points.

There are multiple ways to achieve this:

Play an Episode

Play a Replay of an Episode: The possible amount of experience points earned decreases with each replay for the first 10 replays, starting with the 11th replay, you cannot earn any experience points.

Play a Mini-Game: Maximum of 20 experience points possible..

In Exploration: Points possible are random.

Consume Experience Potions, you can purchase this at the Alchemy Shop in exchange for Gold Coins.

To access a mini-game or to explore, you must have a companion. Therefore, it is not possible to access these features at the beginning of your adventures on Eldarya.


You can follow your progression by viewing the number in the circle located to the right of your Guardian's profile picture.

Is it possible to change Guards?
No. Currently it is impossible to change Guards, even with a replay.