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What is an Illustration?
An illustration is a moment in your story immortalized in an image that you can look back to you in your library.

How do I unlock an Illustration?
In order to unlock an illustration, many parameters have to be taken into account throughout the episode. On Eldarya, it is the choices during the dialogues, the LoM and your crush that are most often taken into account.

However, other parameters can also be taken into account and the Eldarya team will not communicate about them.

Thus, even if you follow a guide on the Internet, it is possible that you will not unlock the illustration. Your progress is not strictly identical to that of the user whose guide you read.

The character in the Illustration doesn't look like my avatar!
This is not a bug!

On Eldarya, there are not personalized illustrations to match your avatar. Therefore, it is normal that the illustration shows that you have ash-colored hair and purple eyes throughout your adventures!