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How do I hatch my companion?
To hatch a companion, you must first possess an egg!

Once you have an egg, click on the image of your egg next to your avatar's profile picture:

Here you will find a list of all the eggs in your possession:

Slide the egg you want to hatch into the incubator. If you don't yet have an incubator, go to the Companion Shop to buy one.

A window will pop up that will inform you how long it will take for your egg to hatch:

Once validated, you can wait for your egg to hatch, or you can pay (in Gold Coins) for the egg to hatch instantly. The price of an instant hatch is relative to how long the egg needs to hatch: the longer the wait, the more expensive it is.

How do I feed my companion?
To feed your companion, click on its image next to your avatar's profile picture:

The companions all eat different things. The appropriate food is shown on your companion's page.

If you do not have any of the appropriate food, go to the Companion Shop to buy some.

Click on the correct food, and then the following window will open:

Here you can stock up on your companion's food based on how much you have in your inventory. It is possible to stock up on food for your companion for up to 15 days.

If you send your companion back into its egg, the food you have in stock will return to your inventory.

How do I evolve my companion?
To learn how to evolve your companion, click on its image to the left of your avatar's profile picture:

The criteria to evolve your companion is listed on this page. Here you can see the criteria for a Baby Sitourche:

The criteria vary between:

• Waiting to attain a certain level of affection.

• Waiting for a certain age.

• Waiting for a certain level.

• Waiting to finish a certain episode.

The companions do not evolve automatically, you must ask them to evolve. Companions cannot evolve while they are on an exploration.

Once evolved, the companion's number of "Days of Activity" will return to zero (as if it were a new companion).

How do I send my companion on an exploration?
To send your companion on an exploration, click on its portrait to the left of your avatar's profile photo:

Under the image of your companion, you will find the places accessible to you for exploration:

In each location, the blue points represent the available explorations. Each exploration costs between 10 and 40 energy points. The length of exploration the possible rewards vary.

When you click on a blue exploration point, a window will appear that explains the place of exploration, the energy cost, and the length of exploration. It is then possible to send your companion on the exploration, or you can explore immediately by paying in Gold Coins.

At the end of the exploration, a window will appear informing you what your companion found during its exploration:

It is possible that your companion won't find anything, the odds are influenced by its Luck Bonus!

What do Energy Points do?
Energy Points are necessary to send you companion on an exploration.

We can consult our companion's level of energy on the companion page:

The gauge will refill every day as long as you feed your companion!

It is also possible to buy Energy Potions with Gold Coins at the Alchemy Shop.

What is the Level of Affection?
The Level of Affection indicates whether or not your companion appreciates you. It is also a criteria in your companion's evolution. You can see your companion's Level of Affection on the companion page.

The level will increase if you take care of him, but it can also decrease, notably when you don't feed it.

It is possible to increase the Level of Affection while exploring. As long as your companion is fed, you will have a 2% increase of affection per day.

If the level of affection reaches zero, the companion will automatically return to its egg.

What does the Luck Bonus do?
The Luck Bonus influences the type and quantity of treasures will be found during your companion's explorations.

You can see the Luck Bonus on the companion page:

The higher the Luck Bonus, the higher the chance it will find an object. This only affects the percentage of chance that an object will be found, a companion with a low Luck Bonus can still find objects.

The Luck Bonus changes from one companion to another, and it also depends on the rarity of the companion. (A common companion has an average Luck Bonus of 46, while a legendary companion can have a Luck Bonus of 332.)

When a companion evolves, it's Luck Bonus is recalculated: it could raise, lower or stay the same.

Each object has its own drop rate. The chance that your companion will find an object is therefore calculated by the object's drop rate and your companion's Luck Bonus.

How do I change the name of my companion?
To rename your companion, click on the pencil icon on the companion page:

It is free to change the name of a companion that has just been hatched:

Any further name changes will cost 100 Gold Coins:

The companions will keep their name even if you put them back in their egg. This helps keeps your egg inventory clear and organized.

How do I put my companion back in its egg?
To put your companion back in its egg, click on the egg icon on the companion page:

The food that you have in your stock will be automatically returned to your inventory.

Once the companion returns to its egg, it is not possible to send it on explorations.

The companion will keep its level of evolution and it's Luck Bonus will not change either. The Level of Affection, however, will return to 20%.

A new incubator will be required to hatch a new companion, and you will again have to wait (or pay Gold Coins) for it to hatch.

In conclusion, you can only have one active companion at a time.

Why did my companion return to its egg on its own?
If you don't take care of your companion, its condition will gradually deteriorate.

• An un-fed companion loses 20 Energy Points each day.

Once it has zero Energy Points , it loses 10 Affection Points per day.

When the Level of Affection reaches zero, the companion automatically returns to its egg.