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How do I collect the Item of the Month?
Each month, an object is given to players who fulfill the three following conditions:

• Be a part of the Guard who ranks first for the month.

• Have earned at least 1000 Experience Points during the past month.

• Has logged in at least 7 days during the past month.


For example: The rankings and the reward for the month of March is announced at the beginning of April, and the Absynthe Guard has ranked first.

If I am part of the Absynthe Guard and I have logged in at least 7 days between March 1st and March 30th, and I have also gained 1000 Experience Points in the same time period, then I am eligible to receive the Item of the Month.


To the see the month's rankings, go to the Rankings page:

This is also the page where you can collect the Item of the Month if you are eligible.

There is one exception to the rules: if you are in the top 10 of the best players of the month, you are eligible to collect the Item of the Month, even if you do not meet all 3 of the conditions above.


If you are not eligible to collect the Item of the Month, all is not lost: You can purchase it for 100 Gold Coins.