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I encountered a problem during the Episode.
If you do not find a Movement Point, see if you can move to the sides of the current scene. Some scenes on Eldarya are wider than others and you must slide the image to the side by putting the cursor at the right or left edge of the scene. You must do this in order to exit the prison in the first episode.


If you are blocked in Episode 9 or Episode 15 of Eldarya, it is most likely not a bug.

Please consult the two following "Spoiler" links to see the explanations of how to move through these two episodes.

Episode 9:

Spoiler Click to display

Episode 15:

Spoiler Click to display


If your problem is concerning a different episode, Please first empty your cached images and files, and delete the cookies on your web browser.

If you don't know how to clear your web cache/cookies, we invite you to run a search on the internet to find instructions depending on your browser.

If after this your problem persists, please contact the support team at Beemoov using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Please include as much information as possible so that our team of dedicated support agents can resolve your problem as fast as possible. (Episode number, what moment in the episode you are stuck in, a screenshot of the problem if possible...)

If you would like to include an image, please add an image link to your message, as Beemoov support cannot process attachments.

Request for additional information.


What is a Replay?
A Replay is a way to replay the episodes to be able to unlock any content you may have missed, or to explore new dialogue possibilities.

What is a Single Episode Replay?
A Single Episode Replay is a way to replay an episode without affecting your main storyline.

Example: You are in Episode 4. Your LoM with Valkyon is at 25 at the beginning of the episode and at 45 at the end of the episode. You decide to do a Single Episode Replay for this episode and your LoM with Valkyon is at 25 (like it was at the beginning of the episode the first time you played it.)  During your adventure, you misstep with Valkyon and your LoM drops to -35! At the end of the episode, you will continue along your previous storyline, thus your LoM with Valkyon will return to 45.

Is this complicated? Just remember that any actions that you do during a Single Action Replay will not have any consequences on your LoM.

Maanas, however, are spent as if you were playing a normal episode!


The Single Episode Replay allows you to unlock certain illustrations that you may have missed during your main storyline.

Once started, a Single Episode Replay cannot be cancelled!

One Single Episode Replay costs 100 Maanas.

What is a Story Replay?
A Story Replay is a way to replay an episode while keeping in mind that the choices you make will affect your main storyline. It's like going back to the past without the possibility of returning to the present.

You must also replay all episodes that follow your Story Replay.

Maanas are spent as if you were playing a normal episode!

You will keep all objects, outfits and illustrations that you obtained before the Replay.

It costs 100 Maanas to start a Story Replay. The episodes that follow will not cost any Maanas.

Example: You have just finished Episode 6 and you would like to restart your story from Episode 3. To start a Story Replay at Episode 3 will cost you 100 Maanas. The LoM returns to its position at the end of Episode 2.

It's like when you overwrite your backup in a video game. You new data replaces the old data!

Once started, you cannot cancel a Story Replay.

How do I cancel a Replay?
It is impossible to cancel a replay, even if it occurred accidentally.

Once the replay (STORY or SINGLE EPISODE) has started, you must finish the replay to continue your story.

I can't start the next Episode!
If you are unable to start the next episode, it is because you have not fulfilled the requirements.

On the page "Episodes", you can see the conditions required to complete each episode.

Here, to access Episode 10, I must:

• Be a Level 10.

• Have finished Episode 9.

When will the next Episode be released?
The future episodes are in the process of being created by the Eldarya Team. Release dates are never announced in order to avoid any disappointment due to unexpected delays or problems.

It serves no purpose to ask this question to Moderators or Administrators as no one knows the release dates of any future episodes.