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How can I acquire the item of the month?

To collect the object of the month, you must first go to the Rankings page.

If you meet the necessary conditions, you will have the choice between the “Collect” and “Try On” buttons.

If, however, you do not meet all the conditions, you will see the “Purchase for 100 GC” and “Try On” buttons.

Why can’t I collect (for free) the item of the month?
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If you cannot collect the item of the month, it is because you do not meet all the required conditions to do so.

You will need to complete the following conditions:[/u]

- Be a member of the winning guard

- Have collected 1000 Experience Points

- Have logged in at least 7 days out of the month [/color]

Note: These conditions must have been completed during the previous month, as this is the month that your guard came out at the top of the rankings.

So, even if the conditions appear to be highlighted, they do not count for the current month.

Exclusion: If you were banned during the month in question, you will not be able to collect the item of the month, even if you meet all the requirements

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