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What is the Bank?

The bank permits the players to acquire more maanas or gold coins.

You must pay for this service, you spend real money. There are several payment methods:[/u][/color]

- Allopass, a text message service

- Landline phone, through allopass, a calling service

- Paypal, a credit card service (registration necessary) or by Paypal account

Rest assured the above listed payment methods are secure![/color]

Gold coins are only available through the bank.

/!\Attention: You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian to use this service.

How does the Bank work?

To access the bank, click on the yellow icon that looks like a diamond.

Once the bank page appears, you will choose your currency: Maana or gold coins as well as your country of residency from the drop down menu.

Link to external image

Now, choose your payment method and follow the instructions.

/!\\ Attention /!\\[/color]

If your country is not in the list, it is simply because the bank service is not available in that country.

The Eldarya team has no power in choosing the countries, so please do not ask us to include your country.

[Paypal] My transaction didn't work!

Paypal payments do not require a code, they are automatically credited. Be aware that sometimes Paypal transactions may take a few hours or even days to be credited to your account. Please be patient and survey your email inbox. Once you receive your confirmation email from Paypal, renew your Eldarya log in and your account should be credited.

If you do still not receive your maanas or gold coins after a paypal transaction, please indicate the following:

- Transaction Number

- the sum of the transaction 

- the date/time of the transaction

Transaction Number

Request for additional information.