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What do the different titles in the forum signify?
In most of the forums, each member has a different title.

Here we define the different titles and groups of users:

Administrators: These are different employees that work on the game Eldarya!

Moderators: These are volunteers that work to maintain and manage our forums.

Member: These are the players of Eldarya.

Only the members have a title that can evolve and change according to the messages they send on the forum. The administrators and moderators can choose a personalized title.

The titles have zero influence on your game.

The titles in the forums of Eldarya are numerous (more than 60!) and often referenced. Discover them all for yourself!

How do I create a topic / discussion?
To post a topic, click on the ""Post New Topic"" button at the bottom of the forum section page.

You can only create topics in the Introductions! section.

For the other sections, you must suggest a topic in the "Request a Topic" thread. This thread is pinned to the top of the first page of the forum.


Some forum sections are are only available to read, and you will be unable to post replies. This is primarily true for the Direct from the Game Team section.

To post in the forum, you must be at least a Level 5 player.

How do I report abusive behavior in the forum?
To report abusive behavior, simply contact the moderator in charge of the forum section. In the case of extreme, urgent behavior (a flood of abusive messages, for example), contact the moderator currently on-line.

You may also consult the Game and Forum Rules pinned to the top of almost every forum section.

Please do not report abusive behavior to the administrators. They do not have the time to intervene. If there is a circumstance that requires the administrator's attention, they will be contacted directly by the moderators.

What is a flood / flooding? Who is a "flooder"?
A flood, or flooding, pollutes the forum by posting:

• Multiple messages all in a row.

• Messages that are unrelated to the forum topic.

• Messages that only contain one word.

• Messages that only contain emoticons.

In general, a flood is a disrespect to the rules of the forum section that you are posting in. Therefore, pay close attention to the pinned forum rules before sending your message.

A "flooder" is a person who creates a flood.


A "flooder" will be sanctioned after three warnings. 

→ Banned for two days, more for repeat offenders.

Attention, an intentional flood to increase your message count will be heavily sanctioned.

To always say the same thing, or to repeat the same question after being answered, is considered flooding and is therefore punishable!

How do I subscribe to a thread? What is the purpose of this?
Subscribing to a thread allows you to more easily find a topics you might enjoy.

To subscribe to a thread, click on the "Subscribe" button found at the bottom of the thread.

What is the maximum image size? What is the maximum signature size?
When you post an image, it is recommended that it does not exceed 500pixels in width.

However, the Eldarya forum will resize images that exceed these dimensions, though you will lose image quality. 


For signatures, the maximum size recommended is 500pixels wide and 150pixels high.

The signature image width will be automatically adjusted, but the height will be cropped if the dimensions exceed 150pixels.

How can I find the messages I have previously posted in the forum?
There is a Search tool available to search for your past posts.

Set-up your search as follows:

Keywords: None

Author Search: Enter your username. 

Forum: All Forums / Or one Forum according to your search. 

Search in: Leave as is.

Sort By: Date of the post.

Order: Ascending (if you want to see the oldest posts/topics) / Descending (if you want to see the most recent posts/topics).

See Results : Topics (if you want to see the topics) / Posts (if you want to see specific posts).