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What is an Administrator?
The administrators are Beemoov employees who work on the creation of Eldarya and its development.

They manage all aspects of the game: development, graphics, scenarios, forum, etc.

All new aspects that arrive in the game require a lot of work, therefore you are unable to message them directly.

What is a Moderator?
A moderator is a player who has been trusted by the administrators to manage the forum. They are volunteers who use their free time to help the game and its community. Therefore, it is important that you respect the work they do and help them by keeping the forum clean, organized and dynamic.

What moderators can do:

• Close topics. 

• Delete posts. 

• Ban players.

• Create discussions.

• Verify if there are multiple accounts for one user. 

What moderators cannot do:

• Add Maanas or Gold Coins.

• Improve the game or the functioning of the game.

• Help with account log-in or information. 

As you can see, it is useless to complain to or ask the moderators for Maana, they have no power to help you. Also, if there is a bug in the site, please do not harass the moderators in their private messages. This does nothing as the moderators are also experiencing the same annoying bug as you and they are not capable of fixing it. Please only contact the moderators with issues regarding the forum.

Sometimes the inboxes of the Moderators will be closed, because like you, they have a life and sometimes need to go on vacations or take a step back. Please respect this!

How do I become an Administrator or Moderator?
How does one become an administrator?

The administrators are employees of Beemoov who manage Eldarya.

Therefore, to become an administrator, you must be hired by Beemoov.

How does one become a moderator?

To become a moderator, it requires first and foremost that you are: mature, available, calm and respectful of others.

Recruitment of moderators is done through private messages.

No one has ever been recruited by asking moderators or administrators directly - in face, this will prevent your recruitment.

How do I contact an Administrator?
The administrators do not accept friend requests because they are too numerous.

Therefore, you are unable to send private messages to administrators.

Problems / bugs are not dealt with in private messages. In these cases, you must contact the support team to resolve any issues.