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What is an administrator?

The administrators are employees of Beemoov who participated in the creation of Eldarya and the evolution of the game. They take care of the entire game: development, graphics, scenario, forum, etc.

What is a moderator?

A moderator is a player that the Eldarya team has chosen to help manage the forum. They are volunteers that use their free time to help with the game and its community. Please respect their work and help them by keeping the forum clean and well organized!

What they can do:

Close topics

Delete topics/posts

Ban users (with the accord of an admin)

Create discussions

Check for multiple accounts

What they cannot do:

Give players Gold Coins or Maana

Give bank codes

Improve the game

Help players to recuperate lost accounts

/!\ It is possible that certain moderators have blocked personal messages. This does not mean that they do not take care of their players. Remember that before being moderators they are players (and people) and they have the right to breaks, vacations and their weekends. Try to respect their right to a private life, they definitely merit it! /!\

What is the difference between a moderator and an administrator on Eldarya?

Moderators are players that the Eldarya team has chosen to manage the forum. They are volunteers that use their free time to help with the game and its community. They have no power over the functioning of the game.

Administrators are employees of Beemoov who take care of site maintenance, game improvement and new things in the game.

The difference is that the moderators are players just like you who have been accorded the mission of helping to manage the forum, whereas the administrators are people who work to improve the game and help it evolve.

How can I become an administrator or a moderator on Eldarya?


The admins are Beemoov employees who manage Eldarya. To become an admin, you must be hired by Beemoov.


To become a moderator, you must be over 18, regularly available, calm, motivated, professional and ready to help others. Recruiting is sometimes done directly on the forum, other times through personal messages. No one has become a moderator by asking the admins directly. If you are motivated and ready, we suggest you wait until the next recruitment!