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What is an illustration?

An illustration is a key moment in your story. It can represent a meeting with an important character, a particular event, etc. It’s a moment in your adventure immortalised, under certain conditions. You can view all your illustrations in the Library!

How can I collect an illustration?

An illustration can be collected during an episode.

You may have to complete certain requirements, such as (but not limited to):

- Correct path during the episode

- Particular action

- Correct choices

- Etc…

If you didn’t obtain an illustration in an episode, it is because you didn’t meet one or several of the requirements needed to receive it.

How can I collect all the episode illustrations?

You can collect all the episode illustrations by completing the requested conditions for each illustration. Careful, sometimes, obtaining one illustration will block access to another illustration. In this case you will have to replay the episode to complete your collection.

Is there an illustration available in each episode?

Yes. There is at least one illustration available in each episode.

How can I change my character’s face on my illustrations?

You may have noticed that the character in your illustrations doesn’t look at all like your character. This isn’t a bug^^

On Eldarya, the illustrations cannot be personalized according to your character looks in the game. It’s normal that your character’s hair in the illustration will be light brown and her eyes violet during the whole adventure!

It is important to note that there is a difference between your character’s avatar (present in the forum) and the guardian you play during the episodes.

What does the following sentence mean: “You did not get the memory-illustration.”?

When this sentence appears during an episode, it means that you have missed an illustration. If you did not receive an illustration, it is because you didn’t meet all the requirements for that illustrations. You can replay the episode to try again to get the illustration.