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How do I sell an object?

First, go to the Market page, then the “My Items” tab. Here, you will be able to choose the item you wish to sell by using the drop down menu.

Once you select the object you wish to sell, select a starting price, an immediate purchase price, the desired length of the auction and click on “Sell”.

Note:[/u] It is impossible to start the sale of an item without an immediate purchase price.

The items that do not have an immediate purchase price listed on the auctions page are those for which a bid has already been placed.

/!\ Only items that are found during explorations can be sold at the Market. /!\[/color]

Why don’t certain items have an “Immediate Purchase Price”?

A starting price must be chosen for auctions and an immediate purchase price allows players to purchase directly an item without having an auction.

The immediate purchase price disappears once a player places a bid on an item. This happens so that the auction can be completed normally.